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We have been working diligently to bring you the very best information for cross training at home. As many already know exercising on a regular basis is a great way to keep the body fit, healthy and in good working order.

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It was our mission to come up with what works best for cross training and, in particular, what are the best cross trainer machines and other equipment available in the United Kingdom?

What is working now to keep your body in young and healthy shape? And how can this be implemented in a safe and healthy way, in accordance to the HSRPP guidelines?

We have also been taking in a lot of questions, from beginner to advance. Answering questions like, what is a cross training workout?

How does it work and what kind of exercise activities actually count as doing this type of training?

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Many more have asked about this study, wanting to get some good examples that they can follow for the “EchoTrainer” cross training protocols. We have put together some interesting items in the resource section and also below.

We have put some together and are beginning to get feedback from the British public.

One thing that is for sure, cross training is very good for the body to maintain health and also, as a means to lose weight. It helps the entire body and not just the legs, not only the cardiovascular system. The entire body benefits from the use of these training machines.

Elliptical cross trainers are now being used in homes all across England because the research has shown that they are one of the most effective exercise machines.

Many of the top health and fitness experts alongside researchers and backed up by studies conducted by the NHS show that these workout machines work best when used alongside a healthy diet and within the parametres of a healthy lifestyle.

We are aiming to help as many people in the United Kingdom as we can find the best cross trainer for their specific needs. And begin to train on it daily over a 12-week study to demonstrate the success of these machines.

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Echo Trainer in association with Option Grid, the NHS, HSRPP, and six UK universities, shares the best options based on extensive academic research, for public health and related issues.

In collaboration with Dartmouth Health Institute, Cardiff University and four more universities and academies in the United Kingdom, our research suggests changes to Great Britain’s public health initiatives are pressing.

In the coming weeks and months we will be adding the Option Grid to this page which will show the best practices for maintaining health in the UK.

Including exercise and recommended routines and protocols for cardiovascular health. Along with the correct equipment based on Echo Trainer and associated research.

We will also be providing information from the NHS and other public health institutions in the United Kingdom and publishing the peer reviewed studies on health and maintenance. Everything will be available via our blog.

We aim to create a resource page for everyone in the UK, whether they are students in university looking to start a fitness routine, all the way to elderly who would like to preserve lean muscle mass.

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If you have any questions for us here at EchoTrainer then let us know in the comments on this site, or on our blog.