Echo Cross Trainer (UK) Fitness Equipment

Introducing the latest Cross Trainer release information for ECHO TRAINER.


So how does Echo Trainer work?

We have modified existing elliptical cross trainers with ECHO TECH allowing you to workout longer, with better feedback and metrics. Get the best workout possible!

1. Choose your machine

There are many cross trainer machines that we work with yet some that we recommend above all the rest. It starts with you choosing your ellitpical cross trainer, and we do the rest!

2. No more clunky equipment

With out mods, extensions and apps you will see why ECHO TECH is becoming the standard upgrade for home cross trainers and related exercise equipment.

3. Reach your Goals!

Why workout if not to improve and better ourselves? We want to reachg our goals. But in order to reach a goal we must measure it, this is really where Echo comes in. We return you better metrics for a complete workout program lasting for up to 12-weeks.

Clients Who Trust Us

Echo Cross Trainers are upgraded versions of popular models with ECHO TECH installed and upgrades made.


The applications and additions to the standard model of the LK850 has made Echo Trainer my new favourite fitness equipment brand in England.

Ed WIlson

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